Multimedia Projects: Summer 2023

Teens in Print’s Summer Journalism Institute (or SJI) embarked on a multimedia journey this summer. Groups of teen reporters spent three weeks exploring the art of storytelling through different mediums, asking the hard questions, and reporting on issues that they care about with skill, insightfulness, and creativity.

These projects were debuted in August 2023 at the SJI Summer Showcase. Explore their incredible work below.


Murals, Graffiti, and Public Art

By Chris Do, Alejandra Albarrán, Shaniece Clarke, Max Ngonga, Isaiah Roseau; with thanks to Chris “Murk” Markley and Jacob Downey

This team of reporters covered the importance of hiring and engaging local mural and graffiti artists in public art projects across Boston. Students took a trip to the Roxbury Love Story mural and filmed an interview with the mural’s artist, Gofive, challenging the audience to consider the impact of gentrification on public art.


Urban Design and Gentrification

By Ammar Prescott, Celiamarie Gilmore, Huy Nguyen, Jacqueline Nee, Jazlynn Truong, and Michael Ly; with thanks to Safi Farah


Join Terrance and Birdie as they uncover the impact of urban design in Boston’s neighborhoods, from Chinatown’s history to Jamaica Plain’s green spaces and the South End’s homelessness issue. Explore the city’s evolving landscape and its critical questions about inclusivity and equitable development.


Boston's Acting Scene

Graphic with student faces and stars in their eyes; reads "Starstruck"
Artwork by Jacqueline Nee

By Gloria Ekechukwu, Nuriel Gutman, Cimmaron Holman, Yonas Tewolde, and Ben Truong; with thanks to Elvis Alvarado and Quincy Walters

These students looked to pop culture as inspiration for their work and delved deeper into the world of acting. Through interviews with local actors, the group explored the challenges of the profession and the impact of the current strikes on the entertainment industry.


Communal Joy Magazine

By Ralph Lara Arias, Albin Casilla, Deborah Fauche, Ketura Joseph, Graham Martin-Wilson, Bianca Mints, Valencia Noisette, Quang Truong, Jacob Tucker, Aaliyah Weaver; with thanks to Grisha Leyfer and Gladys Vargas

This multimedia magazine, written and designed by students, explores the meaning of Communal Joy throughout the city of Boston.

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