Meet your writing mentors.

Mohamed Barrie

Hello friends, I’m Mohamed. Born in Sierra Leone, raised in Conakry (Guinea) and Abidjan (Ivory Coast), I’ve grown accustomed to changing my environment. Before moving to Boston I lived in Antwerp, Belgium and left my mark as one of the key Black youth voices advocating for social change. 

As a community builder, writer, and social worker, I enjoy creating and co-creating spaces that foster change or challenge power and shift paradigms. Moving to Boston and being at WriteBoston feels like coming home to a space that combines all these passions that drive me: storytelling, journalism, youth development, systemic change, and joy in creating.

Most of the time you’ll find me smiling and enjoying music (ask me about Nina Simone). If you find any new vegan spots or recipes please do tell me, because next to community work and soccer I love nature, music, and food.

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Headshot of elvis

Elvis Alvarado

Hey there, I’m Elvis, one of the writing mentors you’ll be working with here at TiP. From brainstorming to final edits, I’m here to help guide you through the writing cycle. Born and raised in Boston so we might have more in common than you think! 

My favorite genre of writing is service writing because listicles are lit. When I’m not at TiP, I am playing Apex Legends or watching OverSimplified. I’m excited to work with you all!

Saf Farah

Salutation comrades, my name is Safi (Sah-fee) but I prefer to go by Saf! (Think soft without the t.) I will be one of your writing mentors so that means I’ll be helping you through most of your writing process for the duration of the program, and hopefully much more. 

My favorite genre of literature is Science Fiction so I am hoping to introduce some of you all to some amazing authors and maybe a sneak preview of my own work! One thing I definitely enjoy outside of TiP is anime, specifically shonen (if you know, you know) so brush up — good debates will definitely happen. Looking forward to seeing what we create.

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