Authentic student writing to use in your classroom.

Teens in Print is a fantastic resource to use with young people. Our students’ writing can be used as a mentor text in your classroom or an example in your program.

Every piece we publish is authentically written by a middle or high school student on a topic of their choice. Try it out in your classroom, using the resources below as a guide.

Recommended Resources Activities to get you started.

These resources are meant to target multiple skills and can be used across most subject areas (specifically English Language Arts, History, and Science). They can be paired with any text on this website.

Building Writer Identity Use this lesson to build students' writer identities — as individuals and as a class.

Graphic Organizer Students can use this visual aid to break down and analyze any mentor text.

“I used a number of Teens in Print pieces as mentor texts for my students. In addition to offering creative ideas for kids to write in ways that feel authentic and engaging, the fact that all of the texts are written by young people piqued my students’ interest in a way that can’t be faked.

They related to the pieces that they read, and were inspired to create texts of their own. So much better than me writing ‘fake’ mentor texts, or modifying texts that I find online!”

Neema Avashia

Boston Public School teacher and writer

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